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Victory 6 True Success

Victory 6 True Success

Victory 6 True Success Practice Book

Victory 6 True Success Practice Book is a powerful supplementary book to meet the needs of students throughout the whole year both in the classroom and as a self-study source. The contexts and vocabulary tested in the practice book are selected in line with the latest National Curriculum, skill based questions and course books adopted for the 6th grades.

Key Features

  • Ten topic-based, fun richly-illustrated units
  • Placement exam to review the previous year
  • Mind maps present the summary of vocabulary and functions
  • Units are supported with real life videos
  • Bundled with mini dictionary to revise the whole vocabulary and critical expressions
  • User friendly interactive whiteboard software and digital games to be used in the classroom
  • Amusing activities that introduce vocabulary and grammar to be covered in each unit, make English enjoyable and easy to learn
  • Variety of four-skill integrated fun activities that make the learning process enjoyable through games and online activities
  • Dialogues and texts that develop the use and communication skills of daily language
  • Speaking and writing activities that enable learners to use structures and vocabulary competently
  • Clear and simple presentations of grammar structures through functional examples
  • Skill based tests at the end of each unit for self-assessment
  • LMS for additional tests; detailed reporting system enables learners and teachers to evaluate progress.