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Writing Stars

Writing Stars is a three-level writing series designed for the levels of A2, A2+, and B1 of Common European Framework of References. It supports the learners in expressing their thoughts and ideas, as well as assists them in gaining confidence, competence, and preparedness in writing, especially, for international examinations. This series aims to develop the writing skills by using Process Writing. Self and Peer assessments are considered to be a must in this process. At the end of each unit, a specific Rubric is designed for the related writing objective. Writing is a challing experience for students, and helping learners find their own way, converting them into powerful voices will be the obvious and rewarding impact of “Writing Stars”.a positive attitude towards learning.

Key Features

  • Starter Unit raises awareness for the writing skill.
  • Model Texts in Booster are analysed to write a good sample.
  • Top Tips help students get the most important points and make students ready for writing the target task.
  • Set Up organises students’ ideas.
  • Train Your Brain is the part to write.
  • By Checklists and Rubrics students assess both themselves and their peers.
  • A Chance to… provides an opportunity to learners who want to write more.


  • Student’s Book
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • IWB
  • With Online Practice