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Student’s Book

  • Ten topic-based, richly-illustrated units
  • Amusing comic series that introduces the vocabulary and grammar to be covered in each unit
  • Variety of four-skill integrated fun activities that make the learning process enjoyable through puzzles, games, stickers and flashcards
  • Texts and dialogues enhancing communication and use of everyday language
  • Speaking and writing activities that enable learners to use structures and vocabulary competently
  • Clear, simple presentation of grammar structures through functional examples
  • Unit tests at the end of each unit for self-assessment
  • Learner-centred portfolio tasks designed to promote creativity and independent learning
  • Key to all exercises and tests
  • Unit-by-unit alphabetical word list


  • Thorough practice that gives the learners opportunity to consolidate the language presented in the Student’s Book
  • 5 check-up spreads including exercises and tests to evaluate the learners’ progress
  • Key to all exercises and tests

Test Book

  • Fully-illustrated unit tests and check-up tests suitable for both classroom use and self-study
  • Key to all tests