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Live with Roger Level 1-2-3

Live with Roger is a three-level course book that embraces multiple intelligences to make English learning a rewarding experience for every student.

As they follow the adventures of Roger and his friends Cody and Maudy, they develop their visual and auditory skills as well as their imagination.

Each unit provides a comprehensive vocabulary and numerous activities that help them acquire language and improve their skills.

Live with Roger’s approach is designed to maximize its effectiveness for their English learning journey by engaging in cross-curricular lessons, focusing on values, and boosting math confidence.

For Students

  • Student’s Book
  • Activity Book
  • Animated Stories
  • Songs
  • Real Unit Videos
  • Stickers
  • Pop-outs

For teachers

  • Teacher’s Resource Pack with Flashcards,
  • Posters and Roger Puppet
  • Story cards
  • Animated stories
  • Songs
  • Teacher’s Book with Audio
  • Classroom presentation tool