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KEEN A-B-C-D Listening – Speaking – Vocabulary

KEEN A-b-c-d Listening – Speaking – Vocabulary

KEEN A-B-C-D Listening – Speaking – Vocabulary is a four-level course for Pre A1 to A2 students. It develops a positive attitude towards learning that motivates young learners improve their listening and speaking skills, enhance communication and increase their active vocabulary through everyday dialogues and interesting texts.

Key Features

  • a variety of lively topics presented in five themed modules
  • fifteen topic-based units (three in each module) with attractive images
  • motivating, up-to-date dialogues and texts that stimulate learners’ interest
  • listening comprehension activities that address the needs of learners
  • speaking activities that enable learners to use new words and structures competently and express themselves with confidence
  • clear presentation and thorough practice of the target vocabulary to use the language in real-life contexts
  • tongue twisters, rhymes and pronunciation activities for clear and fluent communication
  • presentation tasks that encourage critical thinking and researching
  • puzzles to review vocabulary and provide further practice
  • Worksheets that give learners opportunity to consolidate the language presented
  • Interactive Whiteboard activities that provide an opportunity to create classroom environments where students with different learning styles can engage and learn from each other


  • Coursebook with perforated Worksheets
  • Printable answer key at
  • IWB