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Grammar Together is a series of two grammar reference and practice books for learners of A1 and A2 levels.

To internalise and personalise the grammatical forms, communicative tasks are included.

Accuracy in communication is the main goal of this series.

Key Features

  • Unit Start Test is for diagnosing the learner’s knowledge on the target function at the beginning.
  • Read and Grab is the first contextual input related with the target function of the unit.
  • Let’s Learn is the part the learner can get detailed explanations of the rules.
  • With the Quick Tips the exceptional but important points are explained.
  • Grammar Grabber includes the different types of exercises which can be used as self-study or in class.
  • They are designed from simple to difficult gradually.
  • Grammar in Life part gives learner a chance to practise the real life context in a text and a dialogue.
  • By Fun Time learners have a chance to practise the function in a different and attractive type of task.
  • Unit Exit Test, given at the end, is for assessing the learner’s performance through the unit.
  • Appendix includes;
  • Final Test
  • My Score chart to record the Unit Start, Unit Exit and Final Test scores
  • Be Careful page is for some common mistakes.
  • Irregular Verbs List


  • Student’s Book
  • Interactive White Board