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Developing Skills For Life 1-2-3

Developing Skills For Life is a three-level course series, compromising of four key skills, in guidance with the Common European Framework of References (CEFR) for levels A1, A2 and B1.

Each book is theme-based, and in each topic-based unit, learners carry out four di­erent skills; reading, listening, speaking and writing. The series is designed with the age level, interests and language ability of in mind.

Developing Skills For Life also provides a proven balance of Grammar, Vocabulary and Spelling Rules. The Developing Skills For Life series is equipped with IWB materials to meet the digital demands of the classroom.

Key Features

  • An innovative approach to the development of skills better equip learners to listen and read for tomorrow.
  • In each unit, there are grammar explanations along with relevant and engaging exercises so that learners can communicate e­ectively from beginner up until pre-intermediate (A1-B1) level.
  • 12 topic-based units with attractive visuals.
  • Motivating, and appealing texts to stimulate learners’ interests.
  • All units begin with a list of clear objectives to raise language awareness and autonomous learning.
  • The series has a user-friendly and interactive approach that enables students to be engaged and active.
  • Glossary highlighting and teaching key vocabulary for each reading task.
  • Quick Question as a unit warm-up title helps with checking prior knowledge of learners.



  • Student’s Book with Online Practice
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Interactive Whiteboard Material