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Campus Listening & Speaking

The CAMPUS is a three-level skills course for elementary to upper-intermediate learners of English.


The CAMPUS is a course written specifically for learners who need to develop their academic English, and each theme-based unit covers two skills: listening and speaking. The target grammatical structures and theme-based vocabulary are also taught to enable learners to carry out the listening and speaking tasks in each unit.


The CAMPUS series adheres to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and consists of A1- A2, B1 and B2. The CAMPUS has a flexible design that can be used independently or as a series based on the needs of the learners.



  • A task-based approach encourages learners’ critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and production.
  • There are seven theme-based units in full-colour and attractive brand-new illustrations.
  • Motivating, entertaining and engaging topics generate a positive classroom dynamic and stimulate learners’ interests.
  • Language presented in context provides effective vocabulary and grammar learning which is necessary to carry out listening and speaking tasks.
  • All units begin with a list of clear objectives and a video to draw learners’ attention to the unit and raise their awareness.
  • Listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar activities address the true needs of learners.
  • Pronunciation parts in listening and speaking sections enable learners to learn and practise the pronunciation rules of English which will further enhance their listening comprehension and spoken production.
  • Presentational and interactional speaking tasks enable learners to use the target vocabulary and grammatical structures competently and complete their tasks with confidence.
  • Glossary section at the end of each unit presents the list of the target vocabulary from the unit which provides learners with the definition, form and pronunciation of each vocabulary item.
  • Listening texts in different formats serve as a model for the following speaking tasks.
  • Post-listening activities encourage learners to develop their critical thinking skills by discussing the theme-related topics and build confidence in their speaking.
  • The series offers a steady progression of language with plenty of recycling through a wide range of activities and tasks.
  • It provides a user-friendly and interactive approach that enables learners to be active and involved.
  • Language learners will become fully aware of another perspective, approach, or world through texts, visuals, and lexical prompts.



  • Student’s Book with Online Practice
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Interactive Whiteboard Material