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Amazing 4

AMAZING 4 is a three-level, four-skills course for elementary to intermediate learners of English.

AMAZING 4 is a course written for students who need everyday English and exam preparation combining

natural language, everyday situations and practise in all four skills to give students competency in both

spoken and written English.

AMAZING 4 also provides learners with academic skills that are necessary to attain certificates and

all types of international examinations.

AMAZING 4 adheres to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and consists of A1, A2 and

A2+ / B1.

AMAZING 4 has a flexible design that can be used independently or as a series based on the needs of

the learners.


  • All four language skills are developed equally and systematically.
  • The course covers all exam topics and task types.
  • Language in context, step-by-step practice and production activities provide effective vocabulary and

grammar learning.

  • The comprehensible format of each unit enables the language focus to be highly memorable.
  • It offers a steady progression of language with plenty of recycling through a wide range of activities and


  • All activities are aged-related and promote active learning.
  • Situational dialogues enable students to learn about the notions and functions.
  • Guided writing lessons build confidence and listening activities familiarize students with different contexts

that the target language is used.

  • Entertaining and engaging topics generate a positive classroom dynamic.
  • The full-colour and attractive brand-new illustrations maintain student motivation.
  • It has a user-friendly and interactive approach that enables students to be active and involved.
  • Culture and CLIL activities promote better understanding of the world around us and enable students to use

English to talk about other subject areas.


  • Student‛s Book with Online Practice
  • Full-colour Workbook with Online Practice
  • Interleaved Teacher‛s Book
  • Teacher‛s Resource Pack
  • Interactive Whiteboard Material