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Rise Up 1-2-3-4

Rise Up 1-2-3-4

Rise up! is a four level course book series specially designed for primary school students. The series includes student’s book, workbook, assessment pack, phonics booklet and online resources. Each unit starts with our main characters’ introduction of the topic, the vocabulary and basic grammatical structures. It continues by introducing our unit song and skills activities, leading students into a fun and engaging story. Students will witness the online friendship between our characters Timmy, Vivi, Rosa and Stefan. During the Funky Wall part of each unit, students hear “funky sayings” from the smallest member of the Rise up! series: The Funky Mosquito. This little fellow teaches students different and interesting words or sayings they can use as part of the daily language.

Rise up! series completes each unit with interesting CLIL real-life videos, step by step project plans and review games. It also includes a “crack the codes” section where students listen to clues to find answers to some mysterious questions. Students can practise everything they have learnt throughout the unit in their workbook.

For students:

  • Student’s Book
  • Workbook

For teachers:

  • Teacher’s Book
  • Assessment Pack
  • Flashcards
  • Story Cards
  • Funky Wall Poster


  • Student’s Book with Online Practice
  • Workbook with Online Practice
  • IWB