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PYP Readers Level 3-4

PYP Readers Level 3-4

Can be related to PYP Transdisciplinary Themes

Use of basic grammatical structures and age appropriate vocabulary

Detailed descriptions/explanations related to the topic

Detailed illustrations on each page

Differentiated activities related to the story

Components: Student’s Book with Online Practice / IWB

Exploring the Habitats with Riley the Raccoon

  • Level:3-4
  • Description:Join Riley the Raccoon in his journey to explore different habitats all over the world! Let’s discover these unique places and animals that live there. Matches with “How the world works/ Where we are in place and time” PYP Transdisciplinary theme.

Make it Art

  • Level:3-4
  • Description:Karen and Caleb are twins. Both likes art and spending time in the exhibition center close to their house. They will try to make some art. Let’s join their experiences. Matches with “How we express ourselves” PYP Transdisciplinary theme.

My Travel Map

  • Level:3-4
  • Description:Millions of people travel to different cities each year Why? Because they are curious about what other cities look like.Each city has their own hidden beauties. Let’s discover them together. Matches with “Where we are in place and time” PYP Transdisciplinary theme.

Who am I?

  • Level:3-4
  • Description:Olivia Cassidy feels alone after her best friend Lydia leaves the city. Olivia starts to keep a diary about her days at school. She asks herself “Who am I?” and she will share her feelings with us in this journey. Matches with “Who we are” PYP Transdisciplinary theme.

Endangered Animals

  • Level:3-4
  • Description:Matthew needs to do a social responsibility project about an endangered animal. Let’s discover what animals are endangered and what happens to their habitats. Matches with “Sharing the Planet” PYP Transdisciplinary Theme.

Everything begins with an Idea

  • Level:3-4
  • Description:Everything begins with an idea, especially inventions. Let’s go over some important inventions and discover how they changed people’ lives throughout the years. Matches with “Where we are in place and time” PYP Transdisciplinary theme.

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