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New Writing Stars for Kids Level A

Writing Stars for Kids Level A

Writing Stars for Kids is a two level writing series which aims to develop the students’ writing skills by using Process Writing. International Exams tasks are also included during this process. At the end of each unit there is a Self-assessment part related to the writing objective. The main goal of Writing Stars for Kids is making students fond of writing from the early ages.

Key Features

  • Think-Pair-Share for raising awareness for the writing skill.
  • Model Texts in Booster are analysed to write a good sample.
  • Useful Vocabulary and Language make students ready for writing that content.
  • Let’s Write organises students’ ideas and it is their chance to write.
  • Enjoy it part gives a chance to students to deal with the writing objective and the content using their creativity.
  • Performance Charts at the end of each unit let students assess their performance.
  • Projects revise each 4 units.
  • Vocabulary-Picture Writing is a word list for each unit and to practise them with images.


  • Student’s Book
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • IWB
  • With Online Practice